A Message from Mimi… October/13/2018 Chesvan/4/5779

Dear Sisters,

I got a cute text from a friend titled “Everything I need to know about life I learned from Noah’s Ark.”  It listed 10 pithy life lessons, such as “Plan ahead.  It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.”  And, “Stay fit.  When you’re 600 years old — someone may ask you to do something really big.”  And this one, “Remember:  the Ark was built by amateurs; the Titanic by professionals.”  They are all cute and creative and made me smile.

I want to share my own list with you.  I am calling it, “Everything I need to know about Shabbos I learned from Noah’s Ark.”  My list contains very cool connections between Shabbos and this week’s Torah portion, which tells us about the flood and Noah’s Ark (among other things! I gotta save some material for next year :).

The Zohar teaches that the name Noah shares the same root as the word Menucha, which is the spiritual rest that we experience on Shabbos.  Just as Noah saved the world from total destruction by the flood, Shabbos saves the Jew from being completely overwhelmed by the material and physical pursuits that we are flooded with all week long.  Shabbos is the Ark that keeps us afloat.

Also, part of the instructions in the building of the Ark stated that it needed a window or skylight.  Some say that Noah used a precious stone that refracted the outside light to illuminate the interior of the Ark and shine away the darkness.  We also view Shabbos as a light — it is the day that brightens up the rest of the week for us.  Symbolized by the lighting of candles, we view Shabbos as the source of clarity of vision for the entire week ahead.
If you thought that was cool, here’s the cherry on top:  The Hebrew word that Hashem used for window is tzohar, which has the numerical value of 295.  The word for Ark is teivah, which has the value of 407.  If you add the two together you get 702, which is the same as the numerical value of the word Shabbos!!!

Shabbos is one of the greatest investments we can make in our own Judaism.  It has the power to save us from being destroyed by our own busy selves.  It shines light into our week and gives us clarity and focus.  It is a haven of time and space in which we can reconnect to and rekindle our very own souls.

Bring some more Shabbos into your life this week.  Disconnect from technology, have a delicious dinner, open your siddur and say a prayer.  Make that amazing investment into your own self.
Wishing you a de”light”ful Shabbos,
Mimi David
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