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“A Shul with a Story” — Aish Hatorah St. Louis: Changing the World, One Jew at a Time — by Judy Waldman, The Jewish Press, 23 February 2020

We hope you enjoy this story about Aish St. Louis that was written in memory of Kalman Packouz zt’l. “While I considered Kalman a dear friend, I think everyone who ever met him probably felt the same way. That’s who Kalman was.  The Jewish Press has 100,000 subscribers. Hopefully our fellow Yidden reading about Kalman […]

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Torah Portion:  Tzav   Nisan 11    (Leviticus 6 – 8) The New Old Path Taking Out the Trash by Rabbi Benji Levy How do you begin your day? Some people start with a cup of coffee, and others with a brisk walk. In Temple times, the priests would begin their day in an entirely different and […]