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The Rabbi Noah Weinberg Memorial Lecture presents Kivi Bernhard, Sunday, February 16, 2020

The Rabbi Noah Weinberg Memorial Lecture, dedicated by the Axelbaum Family in memory of Jerry Axelbaum a”h, presents Kivi Bernhard, award-winning speaker and internationally acclaimed author. His topic is Speaking of Jewish! The journeys of living loud and proud as a Jew while keynoting to Fortune 500 corporations across the globe and how they see […]

Shabbat Shalom Weekly

Torah Portion:  Yitro Shevat 20    (Exodus 18 – 20) The Guiding Light Shabbat and Honoring One’s Parents by Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen The highlight of this week’s Torah Portion is the Ten Commandments. The fourth mitzvah is to remember the Shabbat, and the fifth is honoring one’s parents. This juxtaposition may not seem to be […]

A Message from Mimi… February/15/2020 Shevat/20/5780

Dear Sisters, I’m back!!!  After 5 Shabboses away, traveling to Seattle, NY, NJ, and 2 weekends in Israel, I am finally back!  It’s good to be here, although Israel will always be home:)  I want to welcome the Aish Destiny participants to this email.  We just got back late Monday night from an incredible Israel […]