A Shabbat Message for My Sisters from Mimi… June/12/2021 Tamuz/2/5781

Dear Sisters,
Many years ago, 5,781 years to be exact, there was a famous incident that took place in the Garden of Eden.  Eve, who had everything she could ever need, wanted the one thing that she could not have – to eat from the tree in the middle of the garden.  Let’s look at life in the garden, and see what she did have.  Basically, Adam and Eve lived in paradise.  Unlimited delicious, fresh produce growing all around them.  Gorgeous, perfect weather.  All day long to study Torah and to experience spiritual pleasure.  Having a family was simple and easy:  pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood were all experienced in a matter of minutes.  And, maybe best of all, no laundry to wash!  Yet, all those gifts were not enough when she thought about that thing that she could not have.  The snake, of course, did not help matters with his constant pressuring her with thoughts of, “If only.”  If only I had that fruit, I would be so much smarter, happier, better.  If only.

In this week’s Torah portion, Parshas Korach, we have another classic incident of “If only”.  Korach, the first cousin of Moses (Moshe) has a great role in the Jewish people.  He was a wise man, with a brilliant mind, whom everyone respected and looked up to.  Part of the tribe of Levi, Korach had the responsibility to work in the Temple and to help with the transportation of the vessels.  That was pretty major, included serious responsibility, and was an impressive role to have.  Except that to Korach this was not enough.  If only he was the prince of his tribe.  If only he was the High Priest instead of Aharon.  If only he was the leader of the Jewish people, instead of Moshe.  If only.

We still do this today.  If only I had her husband.  If only I had her body.  If only I had his income.  If only I had a different personality.  If only, if only.

The downfall and destruction that Korach and his family eventually faced is a huge lesson for us.  Appreciate your role.  Be happy with your circle of influence.  Feel satisfied to accomplish within your own set of circumstances.  And always, always, steer clear of the “if only”s that mess up our minds and hearts.  We have what we need and we are blessed with so much.  Never let that snake hiss those insidious words in our minds that only lead to destruction:  If only…..

Have a wonderful Shabbos,

Mimi David

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