Jewish Women’s Society Programs

Dear Sisters,

Have a wonderful Shabbos,
Mimi David

Join me for these exciting events:

1.  Pre-Passover Class on Monday, March 20th  8:30 pm  From the comfort of your own home on Zoom only:  Meeting ID 9699246316  Dial in:  1-312-626-6799

2.  Clean Speech STL Volume 2 March 1 – 30, 2023.  To sign up for Clean SpeecSTL’s daily 2-minute videos, visit and then Like and Share on Facebook,  Instagram and  Youtube

3.  Clean Speech STL Volume 2 Celebration — Interview & Concert with Nissim Black, Sunday,
March 26, 2023  7 pm JCC Staenberg Family Complex.
  Hear Nissim Black’s personal story about his unique journey from drug dealing and gangsta rap on the streets of Seattle to the spirituality of Jerusalem and his experiences with racism and antisemitism.  Then enjoy his special brand of uplifting rap with a Chasidic twist!  Suggested donation $18  RSVP here for tickets, email or call 314-862-2474.

4.  Momentum applications are in full swing!  We had a fantastic open house this week, shout out to Nicole Loiterstein who hosted and was outstanding.  Since then, applications have been pouring in!  A few second-generation-trip participants plan to go with me!  Let your friends, sisters, daughters (!) know that if they would like to go on a free trip of a lifetime, they should apply asap at

My October 26, 2022 Jewish Light article on Women and the Mikvah Mitzvah:!

My podcast of my interview on the topic of Be Proud to be a Woman with Vera Kessler who leads America’s Top Rebbetzins.
I had the privilege of being interviewed on a podcast for women this week.  I chose a topic I really feel passionate about:–Be-Proud-to-Be-A-Woman-e1bomcq

Link for my favorite tune if you would like to listen to the famous Hamalach Hagoel singing the words of Yaakov’s blessing to his grandsons Menashe and Efraim (they are sung every night in the bedtime Shema).

My Rosh Hashana article below that appeared in the Jewish Light: