We are excited to be starting another school year in person at Aish Hebrew School!  Please note that we will now meet at Tpheris Israel Chevra Kadisha (TICK) Shul, 14550 Ladue Road, from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m as TICK has graciously allowed us to use their premises while Aish is currently undergoing construction due to flooding.
Masks will also be required.
We serve the whole family with babysitting, classes for preschool through high school, a special Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class and an adult class.
Feel free also to reach out with any questions or concerns at 314-862-2474 or email me at rbk7320@yahoo.com for registration materials and 2021-2022 calendar.
We look forward to having your children with us!

Rachael Kornblum 
Aish Hebrew School Director

– Energetic and young staff full of ideas and love of Torah and Judaism!

– Robust curriculum covering: Torah values, weekly Torah portion, holidays, mitzvot, grade level topics, and prayer

– Special year-long projects for each class

– Hebrew language instruction at each child’s level

– Holiday parties and annual family Shabbos dinner

– Prizes!

– Special treats!

– Trips!

– Bar/Bat mitzvah program

The Aish Hebrew School is now in its fourteenth year of providing a high-quality educational program where your child will experience Judaism in a vibrant setting combining relevant learning with lots of fun activities.

Our teachers are young, dynamic educators and superb role models. Your sons and daughters will have the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge, but even more importantly, they will forge lifelong bonds with other Jewish children and have positive Jewish learning experiences — happy memories that will last a lifetime.

Boys and girls that attend the Aish Sunday school come from a cross-section of the Jewish community. The loving and never judgmental environment creates an open perspective that strengthens the attitudes and well-being of both the children and their parents.

In addition to Hebrew and Holiday programming, our curriculum stresses lessons that are relevant to daily living.  It builds upon the traditions from the past, and creates excitement about being a Jew today and in the future. 

Lessons incorporate hands-on projects and music. We also provide a variety of special programs including inter-generational holiday programs where grandparents, parents and siblings are invited to participate.  A special Bar and Bat Mitzvah program tailored to your child’s academic level is also available.

The tuition is affordable. Aish is not a Synagogue or Temple so there are no membership dues or building fund obligations associated with the Sunday School.  No child will be turned away due to a lack of funds or other financial issues.  All scholarship considerations will be kept in strictest confidence.

We are always happy to hear from you, to answer your questions and get to know you:  ydavid@aish.com,