Jewish Women’s Society Programs

Dear sisters,

Join me for this fun upcoming virtual classes in January:

Monday, January 25th  8:30 pm       Mamas in Pajamas (for all women).
Join me for a lively discussion on Lessons for Ladies from the Weekly Torah Portion.   Dial:  1-312-626-6799

Wednesday, January 27th 8:00 pm    Pre-Tu B’Shevat Brachot Party
Please try to have one of these food items for each of the blessings:
MEZONOT: wheat cracker, cookie, pretzel, rice cake
HAGAFEN: wine or grape juice
HA’EITZ: any tree fruit (not banana) or nut (not peanuts)
HA’ADAMA: any veggie or banana or peanuts
SHEHAKOL: chocolate, candy, water, juice
We will then all take turns saying the blessing for each food item and responding amen to each other’s blessings.   Dial in:  1-312-626-6799

All the best,


For more information about The Jewish Women’s Society of St. Louis, contact Mimi David at