A Shabbat Message from Mimi… January/23/2021 Shevat/10/5781

Dear Sisters,

Let us take time this Shabbos to appreciate the smaller, easier things we do.  We have no idea how much goodness we are creating when we do them.

Have a wonderful Shabbos,

Mimi David

PS —  Join us for these upcoming classes:

Monday, January 25th  8:30 pm       Mamas in Pajamas (for all women).
Join me for a lively discussion on Lessons for Ladies from the Weekly Torah Portion.
Zoom.us/j/9699246316   Dial:  1-312-626-6799

Wednesday, January 27th 8:00 pm    Pre-Tu B’Shevat Brachos Party
Please try to have one of these food items for each of the blessings:
MEZONOT: wheat cracker, cookie, pretzel, rice cake    HAGAFEN: wine or grape juice
HA’EITZ: any tree fruit (not banana) or nut (not peanuts)
HA’ADAMA: any veggie or banana or peanuts   SHEHAKOL: chocolate, candy, water, juice
We will then all take turns saying the blessing for each food item and responding amen to each other’s blessings.
Zoom.us/j/9699246316   Dial in:  1-312-626-6799

Wednesday, February 3rd, 7:30 pm   Challah Club Meeting — Aish Firehouse.  Social distancing in place, RSVP to mimidavid@aish.com and masks required.  Please remember to bring your trays so you can easily take home your challah.

All the best,


For more information about The Jewish Women’s Society of St. Louis, contact Mimi David at mimidavid@aish.com