A Shabbos Message for My Sisters from Mimi…October/16/2021 Cheshvan/10/5782

Hi Sisters!!

As we all know, the more you sacrifice for something, the more you become connected to that thing.  We sacrifice everything for our children (starting in utero!), and we are highly connected to our kids.  We invest a tremendous amount of ourselves into marriage, and that is how we become one with our spouse.  Someone who puts her heart and soul into a cause or an organization becomes extremely connected to that cause.
This week’s Torah portion, Parshas Lech Lecha, is all about the sacrifices of Abraham and Sarah.  Tested time and again, whether it was by moving all over the place, not having children for many, many years, facing famine or the threat of Sarah being abducted by Pharoah, over and over again they were asked to sacrifice.  The question is, what or who were they sacrificing for?  The answer is simple.  They were sacrificing for G-d.
We know that this formula worked for Abraham and Sarah.  They sacrificed so much, and they ended up so, so connected.  They were asked to give up so much, but they gained the deepest relationship possible with our Creator.  Shabbos involves sacrifice.  Disconnecting from technology, walking instead of driving, not doing any work that day is a sacrifice of sorts.  But the formula for connection works here, too:  the more you sacrifice for Shabbos, the more connected to it you will be.  If your relationship with Shabbos is feeling a bit pareve, try doing more for it.  Give a little of yourself to Shabbos, and soon you will see it is a part of your life you cannot live without.
Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Mimi David
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