In case you missed it! — Aish’s Virtual Discovery Seminar Video on Science and Torah with Harold Gans and Dr. Andrew Goldfinger

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Click here to view our December 24th and 25th Discovery Seminar’s video of  Harold Gans’ presentation of  his new book, The Cosmic Puzzle – A Scientific investigation into the Existence of God. 

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Virtual Pre-Chanukah Session Video with Mimi David — December 8, 2020 — Chanukah — The history, mystery and the ever-relevant story

Hi Ladies,
In case you missed my Chanukah class on December 8th and would still like to listen, click here.
Chag Sameach!


Virtual Mamas-in-Pajamas session with Mimi David — October 26, 2020

In case you missed it, here is my video from last night’s session on Lessons for Ladies from the Torah –Parsha Lech Lecha:

Lech Lecha


Aish PopUpShulSTL Videos — High Holiday Prep Sessions with Rabbi Yosef & Mimi David and Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald

If you have missed any of our High Holiday sessions, here are the videos:

Rabbi DavidCount Your Blessings:  Model Ani, Torah Blessings, and What We are Grateful For
Rabbi David:  Toot Your Own Horn This Year!  Learn the basics of great Shofar blowing!
Rabbi David:  The Shema:  The Mission Statement of the Jewish People
Rabbi David:  Yizkor


Rabbi Greenwald: What’s Rosh Hashana and What is Teshuva? — The Intro to the High Holidays


Mimi David:  Aleinu — Giving Greatness
Mimi DavidAvinu Malkeinu — My Father, My King — How to Relate to God
Mimi DavidShofar Blowing — What’s All the Noise?
Mimi David:  Getting Rid of Resentment

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Rabbi Yosef & Mrs. Mimi David
Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald

Special Rosh Hashana Messages from our families to yours

Mike Minoff & his family and  Jeff & Shelley Dean invite you and your family to experience the upcoming High Holidays in a truly empowering and meaningful way this year with Aish Hatorah’s services done your way– in your home–with your family and/or close friends. For more information and to join Rabbi Yosef & Mimi David’s and Rabbi Greenwald’s Introductory sessions, visit and click on the HH Prep Classes tab.
Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Meaningful New Year 5781!


Project Inspire/TorahAnytime “Mind Flex Series–Getting Up After the Fall” video with Mimi David

In case you missed it, here is the video to my session, “Setback or Opportunity to Reset,” on Thursday, August 6th!



Aish Hatorah Summer 2020 Newsletter

Download our Summer 2020 Newsletter to read about all the exciting, educational, and fun programs and classes that Aish provided over the past three months in several new ways to keep our community connected, engaged and inspired with the relevance and beauty of the Torah.

Download Newsletter Videos with Mimi David — April/May 2020

In case you missed them, here are videos to my sessions during April and May:

Part 1 — Preparing for Shavous — Then and Now
Part 2 — Preparing for Shavous — The Little Mountain That Could
Part 3 — Preparing for Shavous — The Importance of the Process

Part 1 — Superwoman!   Finding the Eishet Chayil in You
Part 2 — Superwoman!  Finding the Eishet Chayil in You


The Annual Mark Raiffie Memorial Lecture Video — Rabbi Yaakov Salomon

Click on this link to hear Rabbi Yaakov Salomon’s presentation on What Should You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?  during The Annual Mark Raiffie Memorial Lecture on June 3, 2020. 

This lecture was sponsored in loving memory of Mark by the Raiffie Family.  Mark Raiffie’s life was cut short, but his smile, charm and love will be with us forever. His dedication to his family and friends will live on as an inspiration to us all.


The St. Louis Jewish Speakers Series — Robert Walker video

We hope you enjoy Robert Walker’s video on HOW TO CHANGE PEOPLE’S MINDS ABOUT ISRAEL.  

Co-sponsored by Aish Hatorah of St. Louis and St. Louis Friends of Israel